Statement from Red Army


The RED ARMY has received a huge response to the statement made by Adelaide United FC today in reference to an incident that occurred after last night’s match as well as performance of the club both in social media and at the match last night.
Grant Mayer, CEO of Adelaide United, made contact with myself late last night in regards to an incident that occurred outside the stadium. Aside from the incident, which the club has indicated they will deal with, they are concerned with the comments that those supporters made after the game as well as comments made by the Red Army and other members of the club.
We have had huge feedback from our association members that they are unhappy with a number of decisions and the direction of the club both on and off field and we will be relaying this to Grant and the AUFC Management team.
Grant, AUFC Management and the Red Army Committee have setup a meeting to be held this Tuesday evening to discuss matters both on and off field.
At this stage we will make no further comment or actions until after the conclusion of the meeting where further comment and / or action may be taken. Please stay tuned to the Red Army Social Media Channels for further information.
Zoran Milojevic
President, Red Army AUFC


Hindmarsh, South Australia

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